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Chocolate Lab Christmas Crewneck

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Picture this: Labradors, the festive fashion icons we never knew we needed, rocking Santa hats and jingling their way into our hearts. Samantha's hand-drawn magic adds a sprinkle of whimsy to each pup's ensemble, turning your wardrobe into a canvas of canine charm.

Wrapped in the softest hugs imaginable, this crewneck isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a cozy canine comedy show. Whether you're prancing through winter wonderlands or simply sipping cocoa at home, let the Labs Christmas Sweater Crewneck be your go-to for smiles and snuggles this season. Order now and unleash the joy of furry fashion in the most heartwarming way! 🐾🎁

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I love to inspire and to be inspired. My customers are my inspiration and I hope to be an inspiration to you. So when you carry my art with you, whether it be on your SEF phone case or your new mug, I hope you are reminded to follow your dreams and to take a moment to see the beauty in everyday things. 

xx Samatha

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